the boat is narrow - February 3rd, 2010
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  February 3rd, 2010  
brixton [userpic]

Tonight was the last night. The last night that I do whatever I want and start taking responsibility for my own horrible actions. Joy. For this reason, tomorrow (along with the next two weeks) will be unnecessarily difficult. Fortunately, I will look on the bright side. Or rather, I plan on looking on the bright side. I can always make it until about 1:30 before it all starts going downhill. Please be an accomplished person tomorrow!

I fear that I will talk myself out of good thoughts, so I'm going to go ahead and try to write out all of my bad ideas about how tomorrow will go and see if it will help tomorrow NOT be a bad day of my own making.

Here it goes: )

There it is. How depressing. Let me go start with 9:00 pm now. It seems that I am late.

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  February 3rd, 2010