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February 2010
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brixton [userpic]

Tonight was the last night. The last night that I do whatever I want and start taking responsibility for my own horrible actions. Joy. For this reason, tomorrow (along with the next two weeks) will be unnecessarily difficult. Fortunately, I will look on the bright side. Or rather, I plan on looking on the bright side. I can always make it until about 1:30 before it all starts going downhill. Please be an accomplished person tomorrow!

I fear that I will talk myself out of good thoughts, so I'm going to go ahead and try to write out all of my bad ideas about how tomorrow will go and see if it will help tomorrow NOT be a bad day of my own making.

5:15 am - I wake up too early. I make coffee and add too much sugar and milk, which is bad for my health. I then choose to make an egg and cheese sandwich instead of eating an apple and banana. Again, a bad health decision.

5:30 am - I fear being late to work so I don't fix my hair or dress myself in appealing clothing. I look the same as always, which is boring and slightly deranged.

6:29 am - It is time to leave for work and I can't find my keys, jacket, or shoes. Maybe I leave the house in slippers.

6:45 am - At work 15 minutes early and dread going in. I go in anyway and make awkward small talk with coworkers.

7:00 am - It starts - I am given the section with the most products. I am yelled at for moving too slow by a 20 year old. It is too hot but no one will turn on the A/C because they shiver like chihuahuas in a spring breeze.

9:00 am - Break time. I sit next to coworkers in tiny corner and stare at the walls. I hate everyone and want to leave

10:27 - The schedule said 10:30, but I skip out 3 minutes early while my 20 year old boss glares at me. I am secretly satisfied with my decision.

10:35 - Stuck at light. My school is 10 minutes away from work and I am stuck at the light. I have approx 15 minutes to get to class. I change my shoes while in dangerous juggle between left foot and break.

10:45 - Fast paced walk toward classroom. I make it just in time.

10:50 to 1:30 pm - I work in a program I don't understand, make awkward small talk/share awkward looks with schoolmates. Professor interrupts to ramble about novice computer details for 30 minutes.

1:45 pm - ROAD RAGE.

2:00 pm - Starved, I scarf down lunch and eat several unnecessary cookies. They are yummy and I hate myself.

2:15 - 4:00 pm - I should exercise. Instead I take a nap/play SIMS3/pet baby kitty/take a bath/read things I shouldn't.

4:00 pm - Starbucks or no Starbucks? It's always Starbucks.

5:00 pm - SHE returns home and demands dinner. Calls me mean when it isn't ready.

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Mess around when should be doing homework.

9:00 pm - Bath time and then a rousing game of cellphone scrabble before bed.

5:15 am - It all starts over again.

There it is. How depressing. Let me go start with 9:00 pm now. It seems that I am late.

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